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Water supply

In Plumbing systems we must achieve two vital purposes in any buildings. The designer must check the provision for a constant water supply for occupants, and for all fixture that necessitates it. In the same way, we must concentrate on removing wastewater efficiently to avoid health hazards. A smartly designed plumbing system is compulsorily required for a building interior to improve on space management.

While designing a plumbing water supply system, engineers analyze the water requirements of the building to specify an installation of the right capacity by checking the flow rate for each unit. Undersized piping and fixtures cannot deliver water at the required pressure and flowrate. However, oversized plumbing systems are more expensive, without offering any benefits in return.

Bim Service provides us clash-free shop drawings. Especially we have to take care of insulations in hot water pipes, cold water pipes with steel structure and other services. We use Navisworks for checking the internal clashes with other services.

We follow codes as per ICC, IPS, or NYC for approving permit drawings for low rise and high rise buildings.

We also concentrate on preparing sleeve shop drawings by mentioning each dimension from the grid or axis line.


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