Mechanical piping

Chilled water supply & Return

We BIM Adaptics generate design, modeling, and shop drawings for Chilled water supply and return and reverse return systems. As a part of shop drawing preparation, we prepare mechanical piping design as well as shop drawing preparation for the Chilled water supply.

We do prepare CHW s /r drawings for Chillers or district cooling system and calculate the pipe size as per GPM.

According to BIM modeling preparation, we create Revit family for each unit as per approved submittals, and accordingly, we will show chilled water pipe along with its trims.

While we create shop drawings, we will check all clashes, and accordingly, we will put elevations for each side with its dimensions either from the grid or axis line.

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Refrigerant Piping 

We, BIM Adaptics prepare shop drawing for villas, low rise & high rise building refrigerant piping as per contract drawing and the approved submittal. We do prepare shop drawings by showing REFNET joints efficiently and follow the standard piping tee concerning the cut sheets on the submittal. We also use appropriate trims wherever requires and also calculate the length to make sure about the smooth flow of refrigerant until the unit.

We are preparing shop drawings in the 2D drafting process in CAD software as well as 3D modeling using the BIM process.

While preparing the shop drawing, we will make sure about all the units are as per submittal for checking the left or right side connecting points. We will make sure all the Refrigerant pipes are clash-free and mention each length to measure and prepare BOQ’s / BOM’s.

We prepare Mechanical piping for Duct system design and its sizing, selection of equipment and connections for Rooftop units, VRF system, Split dx system, Makeup air units, PTAC units, Chilled water system, heating systems, etc.


Get Assurance that the Duct shop drawing/sheet metal drawing is final and shown all the units are as per submittals. First step is to receive all contract drawings like Architectural drawing with the latest Addendum, structural drawing, approved RCP (Drop ceiling ) drawings.







Shop Drawing Process

Once we receive the finalized Duct shop drawing or contract drawing, we will make sure of receiving approved submittals and related Architectural and structural or slab edge drawings.  The importance of receiving approved submittal and related drawings can make sure of space management at site and to get the precise cost to match the tender price. This will make sure of fast erection at site and fund management. This will permit those who have enough data and have extended expertise in preparing shop drawing in certain Engineering. If things go incorrect, it can also make you answerable. That is the purpose why submittals, and the process by which they are reviewed and approved, are so important.

Site Execution

Further to our explanation, how to reduce cost, we can streamline the construction process for initiating the services. We can make sure 100% guarantee on shop drawings, because of the clash detection process upon preparing zero clashes.

We can streamline the process of construction by scheduling in Revit modelling service. In BIM process it is termed as 4D stimulation services. In such a way we can control the process in construction, can eliminate the clashes while workflow.



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