Electrical BIM Services

Power Design, modeling  & Drafting Services

The importance of Electrical installation in a building is very high. We help consultants, contractors or drafting companies to prepare consultancy drawings or shop drawings with the help of BIM using Revit & Naviswork software for clash detection. Preparing drawings in BIM is mainly to reduce opinions at the site within MEP contractors and can consider cost-effective decisions. It will help to finish the project within the time period.


Containment Services

In high-rise buildings, containment service is very much important to get clash-free especially in the corridor.  We partially check the design while doing the BIM services mainly to avoid wet services in main corridor area. Even we will check containment coordination for Electrical and ELV services.

Easy 4 steps to start the project
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Submit the plan


Our Expert will Analyze


Design & Drafting


Quality Checking


Drafting & Modeling Services

We help modeling, coordination and solve clashes thru the BIM process. Even if we prepare a model for Electrical, we do partially check the design possibilities to minimize RFI’s. The most important while Electrical Drafting Services is, it must be consistent and safe. In the same way we must think about the efficiency of each product while finalizing the products. As an engineer, we are bound to keep our environment clean.



Infrastructure Services

We do electrical drafting service and electrical modelling service for HT and LT side. We help modelling and drafting for infrastructural projects. We coordinate with other services especially wet services like drainage, storm water to make sure to run electrical cables safe and reliable. We also make sure of Manholes to provide elevations to each sub outs and lighting poles at every interval to maintain lux level.

DIALux Evo software for maintaining Lux level

Cloud bim services

Intuitive Integration Lighting Control

It shows visually how the color and intensity of lighting will appear.



Importance of Energy Consumption

When we consume less power, we reduce the toxic fumes released by different types of equipment, preserve the earth’s natural resources, and protect the environment.


Flexible with available products in the market

In latest Dialux Evo software, we can integrate with updated new light products available in the market, which we can generate 3D dummy models to show how much lux available in each area.

Our MEP BIM Process produces

  • Point cloud to BIM Services
  • CAD to BIM Services, which include all components in each trades
  • PDF to BIM Services
  • Preparation of Fabrication drawings from 3D or 2D
  • Generate federated models
  • Prepare coordinated models from federated models
  • Attending Coordination meeting
  • Generate Naviswork for coordination


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