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Architectural Point Cloud Services

We, BIM-Adaptics are providing point cloud services for Architectural buildings. Apart from CAD conversion service, we have adopted 3D BIM service to convert 3d scanned buildings into the realistic building based on BIM platform. This as-built will come under LOD 500.

This is the most fastest and precise scanning process to prepare a building into a realistic model. In earlier days, we use to measure with the help of a scale, measurement tape, or laser measurement method. But with the most latest digitization called point cloud technology changes a lot in the market and adopts this technology in the fastest wave. Normally you can scan the building through a drone or internal cameras to scan the building.

3D scans make our life more easy and precise. It is very easy and fast to generate riveting 3D digital doubles perfect for back-to-work planning, listing or assessing properties, documenting makeover projects, and many more.

You can use point clouds to provide the existing condition of a building or site. We convert the point cloud to bim from any hosting site or another platform, with the help of Recap and Revit, we transform into an intelligent model. Along with we use our rendering services for those who need rendered images. Even we can provide walkthru service for more understanding to clients. We normally receive .123, .rcp, .rcs files.

In the BIM process we called it a point cloud service or reverse-engineering will help to capture the existing exterior building elevation and the interior as per the existing condition. This is always a critical part of model building to become the most precise. We assure you that we can deliver an accurate 3D BIM model from point cloud data. We are one of the most trusted and consistent sources of doing a scan to BIM service provider in India.

We, BIM-Adaptics completed so many projects within a short span for many Architectural, Construction companies globally. Our main aim is to complete the project with an excellent turnaround time (TAT) and offer economically matching the budget.

Some of our Point cloud to BIM services includes Historical Monuments, Airports, Railway station, buildings includes Commercial, Hotels, Villas etc.

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