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We, bimadaptics excellently stipulate the prerequisites of design engineers for structural building construction of any kind of buildings like villas, commercial, hotels, highrise buildings, infrastructure, industrial structures and much more.

Our structural engineers closely work with AEC consultant, structural consultant, general contractors, builders, construction firms, etc. to support their designs to save time and generate model the structural designs with the help of CAD by using AutoCAD or BIM platform by using Revit. We are full-fledged with latest version of both software. For any preliminary structural drafting or 3D modeling and structural analysis of structural steel detailing and fabrication coordination, we as a team, our steel detailers, drafters and engineers will work very closely to neutralize crucial situations for steel fabricators and contractors.

Analysis & Design using STAAD Pro.

Structural Analysis & Design of Superstructure consisting of Steel Elements Design and analysis of structure for different loads like Dead load, Live load, Wind Load, & Earth Quake loads. Pipe Racks, Pipe Supports, Beams & Columns, Connection Details

Methodology Used:

  • AutoCad
  • Revit
  • Navisworks
  • 3-D space frame analysis using STAAD.Pro2007 software.
  • Codes for designing the structure,
    a) IS 456, IS 800, IS 875
    b) IS 13920
    c) IS 1893, IS 2911

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