MEP Shop Drawing

Duct shop Drawing

BIM Adaptics provide HVAC Duct shop drawing or similarly says Sheet metal fabrication drawing preparation with international standards as per SMACNA standards. We will prepare fabrication drawings in such a way owner will get accurate numbers of the sheet to purchase by keeping the cut pieces perfect with numbering to reduce wastages while fabricating. So fabricators are capable enough of cutting large sections of sheet metal with minimal effort

Mechanical Piping (Refrigerant piping)

We, BIM Adaptics prepare shop drawing for villas, low rise & high rise building refrigerant piping as per contract drawing and the approved submittal. We do prepare shop drawings by showing REFNET joints efficiently and follow the standard piping tee concerning the cut sheets on the submittal. We also use appropriate trims wherever requires and also calculate the length to make sure about the smooth flow of refrigerant until the unit.

Gas piping

Gas piping is a part of the plumbing shop drawing. We prepare CAD drafting, Revit modeling along with plumbing shop drawing. We will clash check each area and mark all elevations, dimensions with all respected trims.

Drainage Services

Drainage BIM service is part of the plumbing shop drawing. We, BIM Adaptics prepare shop drawings for drainage, which includes single stack to three-stack systems. We generate shop drawings from contract drawings by using regional codes, especially for NYC codes. For another country, we follow the International Plumbing Code for each connection, especially Vent. We also follow ICC methods for venting plumbing fixtures and traps. We follow the slope as per ICC, IPS or NYC codes for approving permit drawings.

Vent Piping

Vent connection is one of the most important services in plumbing drafting services while preparing contract drawings to shop drawings.

Storm Water Services

Storm water is part of Plumbing Engineering Services. We, BIM Adaptics prepare tender drawings till as built drawings with the help of AutoCAD or Revit according to clients’ requirements.

Water supply

In Plumbing systems we must achieve two vital purposes in any buildings. The designer must check the provision for a constant water supply for occupants, and for all fixture that necessitates it. In the same way, we must concentrate on removing wastewater efficiently to avoid health hazards. A smartly designed plumbing system is compulsorily required for a building interior to improve on space management.

Electrical BIM Services

The importance of Electrical installation in a building is very high. We help consultants, contractors or drafting companies to prepare consultancy drawings or shop drawings with the help of BIM using Revit & Naviswork software for clash detection. Preparing drawings in BIM is mainly to reduce opinions at the site within MEP contractors and can consider cost-effective decisions. It will help to finish the project within the time period.

ELV Bim Services

We, Bim Adaptics are connoisseurs in BIM process for Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems design, modeling, and drafting for tomorrow’s built environments. Collective with character, aptitude, and honesty BIM Adaptics provides peerless technology solutions to address the many challenges associated within the built environment for contrive design, but also value the economical cognizance of mixed-use and hospitality & leisure developments of any size and scale.

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