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MEP Point Cloud Services

Apart from Architectural Point cloud service in BIM, we also provide 3D BIM services for MEP & F services from internal distributions. This can be helpful for renovation the internal services or keep the data for maintenance purposes etc.

In most cases, internal MEP services are useful for preparing shop drawing in integration with new design and existing internal routines. This will save a lot of money for the client and an accurate design match. To prepare permit drawings for approval will be easier.

In the AEC industry professionals like MEP contractors, surveyors, Architect firms, subcontractors take advantage of the point cloud to BIM service for 2D to 3D model or point cloud to 2D service. From the scanned data we can generate any sections, elevations, rendering, walkthru’s etc.

Thru scanning, it can Capture any space, can label, tag, we can measure etc..

A tremendous amount and effort can be saved and after a pandemic situation, it easily works remotely without a site visit by maintaining social distancing.

Why point cloud qualified BIM is better

Essentially, physically point clouds bring BIM Revit. Point clouds provide the capability to effectively import 3D space physically into a digital format and augment your existing digital models.  Moderately than just guides or theoretical illustrations.

While constructing any project, the capacity to matches the plans to different stages of LOD’s (Level of development) and the outcome is controlled on implementation. Considering cost out of the box, it would be useful to quickly scan each stage of a construction project and compare that data to your BIM plan to assure that all is scheduled correctly. That aptitude significantly improves your chance of catching critical clashes, errors that previously become a problem at the site, also avoiding interruptions and delivering more structurally sound ending buildings. 


Businesses can bring more work, efficiently, design better buildings need a powerful solution and that solution is BIM.

Adapt BIM today and take advantage of outsourcing and increase ROI of your upcoming project.

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