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Sprinkler Services (Hydraulic Calculations)

The most important system to be taken care of in a building service is for sure, it is a Fire fighting engineering service. It is because and its main aim is to protect human life first and building and its valuable properties.

While designing it is very important to make sure of having enough water tanks for water storage as per NFPA standards as well as local codes. The next point to have a proper pumping system to get adequate pressure and flowrate to a water distribution piping system to reach sprinkler distances as per hazardous codes. We have to make sure of access of brigades to each hydrant location and keeping proper valves. We use to calculate Hydraulic calculations according to building design.

While doing modelling, drafting we will make sure to overlay ID drawings to coordinate with false ceiling and other services. So the advantage of having thorough knowledge in design, we use to double-check to follow NFPA codes and also follow as per local city codes.

There are different types of fire suppress available in the market, which can be designed and use as per room specification to avoid spoiling the items inside the room. We have to taken care especially for computer room, electrical room, hospital, special manufacturing units etc.

Some types are as follows:

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet Pipe

Wet Pipe Antifreeze

Dry Pipe




Foam Water Sprinkler

Water Spray

Water Mist

Gaseous Agents

Chemical Agent Systems

Wet Chemical

Dry Chemical








Fully Automatic Suppression Systems

Fully Automatic Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems









Manual Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

External water spray system









Shop Drawing_BIM ServicesWe have 2 different riser systems available, one is a wet riser and another is a dry riser. The wet riser system is filled with water, which is connected to the pump in the pump room with the Jockey pump. This line will be a full time pressurized line and detecting the fire, the sprinkler bulb will explode and start automatically pumping and helps sprinkler to the water required areas.

The Dry riser system consists of air instead of water. When firefighter reaches, they open a hydrant either from the fire storage tank or from external fire tanker. This is mostly done where there is a high risk of freezing the water inside the pipe.

How can we collaborate BIM services in Fire Fighting engineering?

Yes, it is possible to prepare BIM service in sprinkler shop drawing preparation or schematic drawing preparation. We prepare up to LOD 500 model. We do generate model as per submittal by creating parametric families.

Building Information Modeling is a process, which gives Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings including infrastructure. This process extensively knows as BIM. This intelligent 3D model-based process is becoming more adaptable throughout the world. In CAD drafting services in AEC field (Building service Consultancy), each stage we called it as SD, DD, CD or tender document, Fabrication. In BIM Service, it is extensively known as LOD.

Level of Development Specification

The LOD (Level of Development) Specification is a reference implement projected to convey communication between users of BIM (Building Information Models) about the appearances of elements in the models. The LOD Specification is developed by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) for its BIM Protocol by providing classifications and illustrations of BIM elements of different building systems at different stages of their development and use in the design and construction process.

LOD is defined in different stage of development, which starts from LOD 100 till LOD 500.

To know more about BIM, please go to page BIM World


Apprise project planning by merging reality apprehension and real-world data to produce framework models of the existing built and natural environment.



Throughout this stage, conceptual design, analysis, detailing, and documentation are performed. The preconstruction development commences using BIM data to notify preparation and logistics.


Throughout this stage, fabrication begins using the BIM specification process. Project construction logistics are collective with all trades and contractors to confirm the finest timing and proficiency.



BIM data carries over to operations and maintenance of finished assets. BIM data can be used down the road for cost-effective renovation or efficient deconstruction too.



         BIM process makes Low project risk, improved timeline and cost savings & better project outcomes.

         AEC industry is in the major transformation.

         Business can bring more work, efficiently, design better buildings need a powerful solutions and that solution is BIM.

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