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Fire Alarm

fire-alarm-system-security-alarms-systems-alarm-device-fire-safety-closed-circuit-television-fire-hydrantIn MEPF service, Fire engineering services is one of the most important MEP services. Under Fire engineering service, Fire Alarm System is intended to vigilant all of us to an emergency informing about the chances of fire broke out or overheating places like Kitchen, factory, etc. So that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff, and the general public…. Whatever the method of detection is, if the alarm is activated, sounders will function to caution people in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate and direction provides to go to assemble near assembly point, which is allocated in all buildings.

As mentioned above paragraph, there are different methods of fire alarm systems available in the market. A photoelectric smoke detector uses an infrared LED light beam to inform if there is smoke in the air after a fire break out in the building. This will give us which room the fire broke out and where smokes are generating and traveling. Over time, the sensor emanates the light through the optical detector’s chamber. If the light senses numerous smoke constituent parts passing through it, then an alarm is triggered.

While designing, modelling, and drafting, it is very important to keep the detectors in places like the kitchen, corridor, and parking areas. All the detectors will detect according to the importance of sensing either smoke, heat, or other gas substances.

There are different types of FA design, Conventional and Addressable are the two main types of fire alarm systems. According to design and budget, we can change the types of fire alarm systems

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Conventional Fire Alarm

All wire will be connected incessantly through all components, which are called Conventional fire alarm systems. When it is activated a signal will display in the control panel.

Addressable Fire Alarm

This is the most modern type of system called Addressable fire alarm systems, which its components have distinct unique identifiers.  As addressed above para, when one of the system’s components pledges, the fire alarm panel will indicate the component’s address. This system will swiftly pinpoint where the trouble signal instigated, especially for Large amenities utilize these classifications.


The fire alarm is very important in the major building like hospitals, high-rise building, restaurants, malls, etc. If fire alarms work properly, the next important activity is to call fire brigade and the importance fire fighting systems. To design, modeling and drafting while preparing tender drawing or shop drawings, we will follow NFPA standards to keep sprinklers as per the hazardous situation.

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