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Duct Shop Drawing ( Sheet metal )

BIM Adaptics provide HVAC Duct shop drawing or similarly says Sheet metal fabrication drawing preparation with international standards as per SMACNA standards. We will prepare fabrication drawings in such a way owner will get accurate numbers of the sheet to purchase by keeping the cut pieces perfect with numbering to reduce wastages while fabricating. So fabricators are capable enough of cutting large sections of sheet metal with minimal effort.

With the help of CAD & BIM we are preparing shop drawings & to check clashes we are modeling with the help of Revit software and utilizing the BIM process in different LOD starting from LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400 & LOD 500.

We prepare Duct system design and its sizing, selection of equipment for Rooftop units, VRF system, Split dx system, Makeup air units, PTAC units, Chilled water system, heating systems etc., and generate family for Revit modeling. We prepare HVAC piping design and sizing.


Duct Shop drawing-BIM Services project

Finest BIM Solutions

When we say finest BIM solution, whenever we start MEP modelling service, we make sure to run the service clash-free as much as possible. Our Senior BIM Engineer check and instruct accordingly






Reduce cost & save time on construction

Adapting BIM Services, we can reduce the cost drastically. The benefits of doing building services in Revit BIM Software is to see the building and its services inside virtually and can solve the clashes early by using Interference check through Revit modelling software or Navisworks software. By clearing clashes we can save a lot of time at the site and predefine all the elevations for each service.

We can take BOQ/BOM from the Revit model.

As an outcome, we can save an immense amount of money on construction.

Streamline the Construction Process

Further to our explanation, how to reduce cost, we can streamline the construction process for erecting the services. We can make sure 100% guarantee on shop drawings, because of the clash detection process upon preparing zero clashes.

We can streamline the process of construction by scheduling in Revit modelling service. In BIM process it is termed as 4D stimulation services. In such a way we can control the process in construction, can eliminate the clashes while workflow.

Clash Detection Service

The most influenced process available in the market for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry after AutoCAD is Revit, which comes under BIM, building information modelling process. Revit software is the most powerful and influenced software between engineers, which helps in the industry to plan, design, construct, and how to manage infrastructure and buildings

To produce a clash report and solving the clashes, we practice Revit & Navisworks for online clash coordination meetings. Either we use to check entire MEP & F clash services or will check with moderated Navisworks files.

Early clash detection in MEP with Architectural & Structural gives a lot of benefit in cost control and confusion at the site. We are one of the best experts in the market in BIM management and BIM coordination. We have the best engineer group who have learned from the finest skill training institutes in the market and have a credential from Authorised professional certificate providers, which we club with basic software language by utilising Dynamo in the Revit software.


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