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Drainage Services

Drainage BIM service is part of the plumbing shop drawing. We, BIM Adaptics prepare shop drawings for drainage, which includes single stack to three-stack systems. We generate shop drawings from contract drawings by using regional codes, especially for NYC codes. For another country, we follow the International Plumbing Code for each connection, especially Vent. We also follow ICC methods for venting plumbing fixtures and traps. We follow the slope as per ICC, IPS or NYC codes for approving permit drawings.

Some of the important things we need to check and follow are to provide backflow preventers or check valves, especially it will help at the time of flood also when the supply pressure drops due to a system failure. We also provide grease traps to avoid the release of kitchen waste fats and oil into the sewer system. We also provide house traps to prevent sewer odors from escaping your drains and re-entering the building.

MEP Shop drawing & Revit Modeling Services

We prepare shop drawings in AutoCAD as well as in Revit otherwise called BIM services. We provide assistance to model Architectural and Structural for preparing MEP BIM shop drawings. We will model the Architectural Revit model at LOD 200 so that MEP contractors can take advantage of preparing MEP shop drawing in Revit. While preparing the Drainage shop drawing, we take care to have the correct pitch as mentioned in contract drawings. If any discrepancies we will raise RFI for further clarifications.


MEP Clash detection service

Our startup team has adopted BIM services as our profession after knowing the depth and passion for MEP services. We do clash detection with the help of  Autodesk Revit software and take reports either through    Interference check mostly in    Naviswork software.

While doing BIM Revit modelling, the most common thing we need to take care of is Clashes. Because of multidisciplinary people are working, as a team working together in a collaborative way on a single construction project. While preparing drainage shop drawings, we will closely check all clashes so that we can provide proper sleeve locations to the Structural team to maintain reinforcement details. It will be very costly if our pipes or sleeves will not match according to Structure. So we thoroughly check all the minute clashes and take reports through Naviswork software.

We will attend weekly meetings in any social network for clearing clashes, else we will raise RFP.

We utilize the hour difference to dispatch the drawings in time and flexible to attend group meetings.

We create Revit family for each fixture as per approved submittals, and accordingly, we will show units and their routines to match Revit modeling preparation.

We also prepare sleeve drawings before concrete pouring at the site and coordinate with other trades to make sure of smooth piping connections.

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