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We provide all kinds of drawing support during any phases of architectural division.


  • Concept Design/Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Shop Drawing
  • As built drawing
  • LOD 200 to 500

Throughout the Design Concept / Schematic (SS) stage, we will create design options as sketches and attribute cost estimation to each concept. After finalizing a concept, we will enhance the design preferences during the Design Development  (DD) stage and can also update/finalize the cost estimation. During this time, we usually refer to coordinate with MEP & F team to finalize all-important shafts for the smooth design for interior designers for not compromising in later stages.

Jumping into Construction Documentation (CD) stage we prepare detailed drawings, notes and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and permit application are created. By this time we normal.


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